"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagnination, and life to everything." ~ Plato

Monday, July 22, 2013

22 Things for 22

1 - A lot can happen in one year that changes who you are, your dreams, and where you are headed in life.
2 - Always tell the people you love that you love them.
3 - A good leader does their best to serve the people they are leading.
4 - There is nothing like being in a really fantastic choir.
5 - Practice purposefully.
6 - Don't compete with others; simply work to improve yourself.
7 - God's love is never failing.
8 - It's okay to say no.
9 - But don't always be afraid to say yes - it can lead to wonderful things.
10 - Memorizing loads of Italian is freaking hard.
11 - Procrastination is never worth it.
12 - Take pictures.  Print them too.
13 - Praise those around you for their talents, both visible and hidden.
14 - Age and weight are just numbers.  They don't determine who you are.
15 - Loving yourself is the best beauty regimen you can use.
16 - Confidence is highly attractive.  Tread wisely.
17 - The best memories are made from laughter.
18 - Be open to life and discovery.
19 - Feminist males exist!
20 - Being vulnerable can allow others to surprise you when they come through for you.
21 - Breathe.  There is a reason and a plan.
22 - Happiness is the act of rejoicing in your circumstances.  Choose to smile.  Choose to laugh.  Choose to love.

Looking forward to making this year a particularly golden one.


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Blemishes & Blessings 1

In an attempt to write more -- I'm trying to start up some day-of-the-week oriented posts (or... I guess you could call them "weekly"... hah)

Hence: Sundays - Blemishes & Blessings

Blemishes (things that have made the past week less than ideal):
- Starting work tomorrow... I have sworn for the past 3 years that it was my last summer... here I am for number 5.  *sigh*
- Packing and unpacking.  Two of my least favorite things.  Is it too much to ask for a little Harry Potter magic to just conjure everything from one place to another?
- Needing to go through piles of papers.  Particularly sheet music, which I am very bad at giving up.  It's that "but I might use it someday" mentality...  I'm planning on starting on that this week.  We'll see.
- Saying goodbye to dear friends.  For a long time.  Possibly forever.

Blessings (things that have made this week great!):
- Graduating from PLU.  I did it!  Not that it's hard to believe, per say, but I've realized that it's a pretty darn big accomplishment!
- Being at home.  A comfy bed, food in the fridge (that I don't have to pay for), a dog to play with, being with my family.  It's good.  :)
- Having a job.  While it's hardly my ideal, it's a full-time, paying job - I'm lucky to have it.  Just have to keep remembering that.
- Singing at church!  I'm back for the summer with Truthful Reign!  There are few things that make me happier than helping lead worship through song at mass.  I've got just about 8 weeks with them and will be soaking up every minute.  :)
- I've got a gift card for a massage... I need to use that.  :)

The Gospel reading this week was the feeding of over 5,000 people.  It struck me as an example of how God will always provide, even when things look dim.  The homily speakers pointed out how all we can give is so little compared to God's power, but how the Lord takes the little we are able to provide and magnifies it into something greater than we could ever imagine.  A happy thought for the week ahead.


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Life Post Graduation

Life is currently small.

Not narrow - never narrow when I've got books to read, movies to watch, songs to sing, internet to get lost in.

But certainly small.  Covering apples in maggot barriers (it's an "organic gardening" thing...), walking the dog, feeding the dog, playing with the dog, telling the dog to be quiet, sleeping, reading, reluctantly calling work (start on Monday, yikes!), band practice (yay!), working on music, noticing if it's not raining.  This is what life is made of right now.

Some days it's wonderful.  Sometimes I have to fight a slight tinge of resentment or boredom.  I'm just so used to being busy, being surrounded by people - friends - who are doing things.  For as intimidating as this whole moving to San Francisco thing is, I'm really grateful it's going to happen.  I was under the impression that I could handle a year at home... not sure about that now.

Don't get me wrong.  Home is wonderful and there's nothing wrong with life having times of smallness.  But it's helping me realize that I am still looking for my life and what's out there.  It's reminding me that there are bigger plans for me - the whole reason I started on that 4-year degree in the first place.  :)

For now, I get to sleep, help around the house, spend time with my family, and have a second to breathe and reflect.  Like I said, there's nothing the matter with small.


Saturday, May 18, 2013


Dusting off Ye Olde Blogge this morning...

This morning I stumbled across some PLU Wind Ensemble recordings on my iPod.  Listening to that and the Choral Union concert last night, I'm realizing just how great we have it here at PLU.  We are under the direction of first-rate musicians!  And they are teaching us how to be the same thing!

In my time at PLU I will have performed in 4 different countries and been a part of the premiere of at least 5 new works - 3 where I know the composer personally.  I have sung under the direction of two nationally-recognized choral conductors, who also happen to be really down-to-earth, awesome people.

It feels silly to be having this realization 3 months before graduation.  I already knew this, and acknowledged it, but somehow it didn't quite hit me at the core (20-20 hindsight I suppose).

Updated much later.  Basically 3 months later...

I got the chance to sing for/work with a world-renowned baritone.  I was able to give a senior recital before numerous friends and family.  I got off the wait-list and an fully accepted into one of the best voice master's programs on the West Coast.  All because of PLU, their high-quality standards, and care for their students.

I have been blessed to be able to listen to many of my peers give wonderful performances in recitals of their own.  People I have the privilege to work beside every day.  I have witnessed their growth, their struggles, and especially their triumphs.  I have hopefully helped them as much as they have helped me.  4 years of PLU has been the fastest, longest, wildest, most wonderful ride of my life to date.

I am struggling with thinking about leaving.  I am excited for the opportunities ahead of me.  It makes it easier knowing I will still be a student (in a school-sense) for a little while longer.  But I can feel myself closing off from "end of the year" feelings and gatherings and discussions and ... just... anything.  If I ignore it, it can't hurt me.  It's wrong, but that's the mentality I'm working with here.  Because otherwise I have to admit that this oasis in my life is just that - a temporary place of rest and enjoyment in the broader journey of life.  There are bigger things ahead, but it's scary to leave, not knowing how long it will be until the next "comfy spot."

Ideally this would end on a positive note... yes, things will be fine.  There is hope that the people who matter will stay in contact.  I believe that.  I'm gonna try.  But since I'm avoiding thinking about endings...



If I seem distant
Or moody
Or unwilling
Or a little cold

If I seem insincere
Or tired
Or grumpy
Or a little anti-social

It's only because I'm avoiding saying goodbye
Or even thinking about saying goodbye.

It's not a forever goodbye,
Just a for now goodbye.

But it's still something I don't want to say
Please don't make me say it.

Let me whisper it at the last moment
With a hug and a tear and a smile.