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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

158 - Bad Kreuznach ~ Europe Day 2!

June 1, 2011 – In Germany: Bad Kreuznach 

Bad Kreuznach is a quaint little town, clean, with cobblestone streets and brick buildings.  I’ve been struck by the strangeness of seeing 21st C life happening in the midst of medieval architecture.  Today, we got up around 7:30, had breakfast (which was SO GOOD!) in the hotel by 9, and had a walking tour of the city for about an hour and a half.  Our guide was full of political information – past and present – about Germany and it was really quite interesting!

Our guide, telling us about a statue. 

The town is picturesque and beautiful.  The old part was my favorite – it is more quiet and quaint.  I could picture myself living here!  J 

What a lot of the buildings look like - so lovely!
We had free time from noon to 5, so I wanted the town and ate lunch with various COW people.  Spent my first euros on postcards and a sandwich.  Haha.  I’m glad to know “Danke” (thank you).  I spent the rest of my free time in our hotel’s thermal baths, which are warm and salty.  It felt nice to relax (oh, yeah!  I’m on vacation!) 
We had dinner in the hotel (just as good as breakfast) and then had a choir concert in St. Paul’s Church here in town. 
Hey look!  It's us!
It went well overall and the audience was extremely warm and appreciative.  A reception followed – German pretzels (yum!) and wine.  Had my first!  Haha.  Tried a glass of red and a glass of white.  The area is known for its wine, the white in particular and, despite my limited experience, it was quite good!
Here’s to new experiences and great music!


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