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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

159 - Limburg ~ Europe Day 3!

June 2, 2011 – In Germany: Limburg

Went from Bad Kreuznach to Limburg today.  2 hours of driving, split up by a 2 hour (or so) boat cruise on the Rhine River! 

Our boat!  (Technically taken after we got off, but I thought you'd want to see it.)

And we're off!
It was a beautiful day – nothing but blue sky and sunshine!  Of course, I forgot sunscreen … and my face shows it.  Oh well!  The river and towns around it were gorgeous.  Green trees carpet the countryside and castles dot the cliffs above the houses.  It’s a magnificent sight.  We all enjoyed spending time together on the boat, experiencing the tourist atmosphere.  PLUtonic sang a couple songs, and we sang “My Soul’s Been Anchored” by Moses Hogan.  Despite some confused looks, everyone seemed to enjoy the impromptu performances.
Yep, that's a castle.  Nbd.

Having tons o' fun!
We stopped in the town of Bacharach with just under an hour for lunch.  I ended up with my friend Tyler in a small café for paninis, which were quite yummy.  J  The town was a postcard!  It’s hard to describe: cobblestone streets, leaning old buildings, a gorgeous gothic chapel … I want to go back so badly!

A snippet of the town of Bacharach!
We are staying at the Hotel Montana, which is a short drive outside of both Limburg and Lindenholtzhausen, (where the festival will be held).  Steph and I were given a third roommate – our good friend Jessie!  We’re excited.  :)  Tonight we had dinner at our hotel and sang around 10:30pm at the opening concert for the Harmonie Festival.  It was incredible to see how diverse the choirs are!  This is such an experience.  And COW did so well!!!  “O Day Full of Grace” in particular was the best ever!  Dr. Nance cried and when we got out of the tent, we all jumped into each others’ arms and had a giant group hug.  Nights like this are why I LOVE choir!!! 

I am so excited now for the rest of the festival – I think we’re all lifted in spirit about it.  I’m looking forward to tomorrow: a tour of the town and just getting to enjoy the festival for a day before we start competing. 


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