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Friday, August 26, 2011

Last Days

I'm in my last days of summertime and I couldn't be happier!  haha.  I guess college helps change that tune.  :)
This week was my last one of work at KCDA (hopefully forever!) and my last full week before heading back to PLU.  I am so excited and so ready!  Not that being at home isn't nice or anything, but I miss all of my friends and being musical all of the time and having something academic to do.  Plus, Steph and I are living in an apartment on campus this year, so I'm excited for the adventures that lie ahead.
I still have a lot to do (mostly because I was working full time from 6:00AM to 2:30PM, which doesn't leave a lot of room to do much else with the day).  I am making lists like mad and stressing over music things like making sure my opera parts are memorized and that I have a song picked for choir auditions...
But this afternoon was spent in celebration of my last day of work.  After coincidentally getting off work an hour early, my mom and sister and I had a girls night!  We went and saw "The Help," had dinner at Panera Bread, and did a little shopping.  If you haven't seen the movie and read the novel "The Help" you NEED to!  It is hilarious and heartbreaking and just all around wonderful.  I have to admit I actually cried at this movie, guys.  That hardly ever happens (unless Snape dies...).  I would say that the book and movie are overall equals in terms of quality.  They are rather different in some aspects; each meets a need that perhaps the other does not address.  I don't really think it's fair to judge movies by their books anyway, as they are two different forms of storytelling/art.  (Unless it's Twilight... there was a preview for Twilight movie #4, Part 1 and I was mortified...)
After a fairly long week of waiting to be done, I have busy weekend and week ahead to look forward to!  Along with gathering college supplies, I have a wedding reception to attend tomorrow night, and of course Mass on Sunday evening.  :)
I move in on September 1st!  Woohoo - so much to do!  :D


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