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Monday, February 3, 2014

Ch-ch-ch-Changes (Sat 2-1)

Change is so, so good.

At least in this case.  I am so happy and excited to be in my new apartment with James and Lauren.

- Roommates//people I can talk to and be friends with!
- A big comfy bedroom where I don't have to store my dishes/food/bathroom stuff as well.
- A beautiful, airy, light living room.
- The rooftop balcony.
- Common spaces.
- Bathroom attached to bedroom.
- Friendship.
- Did I mention living with friends?

The only major con is that the kitchen is kind of odd - no oven (but I'm already used to that), and not a ton of storage space.  But there are solutions to that and everything else outweighs those details!

In other news, I have amazing, amazing, AMAZING friends at the Conservatory.  Moving out/in was done in less than an hour.  Mr. Reisenthel came to help me rent a truck and be the real adult of the situation.  But 7-8 school friends (plus my wonderful man Matt) came as helping hands.  The many hands make light work phrase is so incredibly true!  And it really goes to show that the people at this school are legitimately kind, caring people (I think I know one person who as said he actually enjoys the physical labor of moving things.)  I'm looking forward to throwing a post-moving pizza and beer party soon as a thank you!

Happy for changes!

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