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Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I'm working on catching up on Downton.  Monday night was episode 4 for me and I've still got to get episode 5 in before next Sunday!

I am so relieved for Anna and Mr. Bates.  But of course his attitude at the end of the episode is disturbing.  Of course he knows it was actually the valet... Maybe, though, he doesn't have murder in mind??

Yay for a new lady's maid who isn't crazy!  At least... I don't think so... It's hard to tell if she is keen on Thomas' demands for her knowledge/alliance or not.  She is certainly the most normal of the 3 that have been on the show though.  I like her sewing skillz, too.

Poor Alfred!  But Daisy sure was cute at the end of the episode - all smiley because he would still be around.  Maybe he'll start to see her worth since she helped him so much?

I feel for Lady Mary.  She really did have something stirring in her heart.  The sneak-peek for the next episode, though, possibly holds hope.  And Lady Edith -- something is going on there in London.  Is her man in Germany yet??  I'm confused...

And so many Maggie Smith quips!  Best!!

All in all, a pretty good episode.  Most of the Anna-Bates angst is resolved (thank goodness) and that was the truly heaviest part of this week.  Looking forward to another one later this week!


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