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Sunday, December 26, 2010

2 - Holiday Reading

I am really excited for my choir's trip to Germany and France in May/June 2011.  ReallyExcited.  This feeling has only been heightened (exponentially heightened, I may add) by my perusal of the Rick Steves' guidebook that my parents gave me for Christmas yesterday.  I have read more of this book than I have of any of the library books I picked up at the beginning of my 2 weeks off! 

Rick Steves' "Travels Through Europe" was an often-watched television show after dinner during my childhood, so I'm already fond of the guy.  :)  What I didn't know was that he is a great writer, as well.  (I particularly appreciate his dry sense of humor...)  He's so great that it makes me want to travel all over Europe - not that I didn't already, but the book makes me feel like I really could pack up for a Euro-tour for a month sometime in the relative future.  By myself, even! 

I'm not sure if my parents know what the consequences of their actions might be... hah.  This is definitely one of my favorite Christmas presents and is soon going to be a well-read copy.  :)


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  1. I'm not going on the Europe trip (mostly financial issues) but I hope you have fun! I lived in Belgium for 2 and a half years because my dad was stationed there (Army Dad!). We often took road trips to Germany- it's very very green there. And most people in Germany know enough English to help out Americans.

    Another reason I decided not to go is that I'd rather travel to Europe on my own time. More freedom, you know?