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Monday, December 27, 2010

3 - Seattle Art

Two pictures today!  :)

Iconic Seattle...

and one of my favorite pieces in the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) - armor made out of army dog tags.

Obviously, I was in Seattle today.  My dad, a good friend, and I went to see the Picasso exhibit that has been here for several months now.  We got there about an hour early and subsequently got to wander around the main exhibits before heading into see the Picassos (no pics in there, obviously).  

I don't consider myself an art snob or anything, but I generally enjoy considering art.  What I often find most interesting is the history behind it... and sometimes the potential meaning of the piece.  There were some really cool new "permanent" exhibits that took you through Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Western European art history (medieval Christianity, Renaissance, and Age of Enlightenment).  I think I would enjoy taking an art history class sometime...  :)

Do you go to art museums?


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