"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagnination, and life to everything." ~ Plato

Thursday, December 23, 2010


I think doctor-prescribed painkillers (for example, the ones they give you after they take your wisdom teeth out) make me a grumpus.  Also, staying at home and having to lay around eating soft foods for two days straight probably heightens the grumpus effect.

For a first experience with this sort of thing - surgery -, I also want it to be one of the last.  Laughing gas is funny - but not in an amusing way.  I mostly remember just fighting to stay connected to reality at the front part of my brain as the rest of my body gave up and was floaty, and feeling myself forcibly smiling to let the nurses know that I was doing okay.  I squeezed the stress ball one of them gave me to find a vein for the IV as hard as I possibly could and did NOT want to let go... Then I woke up in a completely different room, freezing cold and holding a large, comfy, friendly-looking stuffed monkey.  Only a little disorienting. 

Note for future reference:  When the nurse tells you to remember to be a couch potato all day, take her advice and don't go up to the kitchen to ask your mom something.  You might faint.  I did.  Yeah *fail*.

The rest of Monday was full of movies and sleep.  I did catch most of "Meet the Robinsons" but only 5 parts of "The Holiday".  (I had just watched the latter on the night before coming home from college, so I didn't miss that much.)  After the kitchen incident, I did not leave the couch until bed time.  Tuesday was basically back on the couch and kind of going crazy - still on the painkillers (just one!) and still fairly light-headed because of that.  But mom was at work so it was sister who was taking care of me.  Luckily, she can make noodles.  :P  Monday and Tuesday consisted of lots of noodles. 

Wednesday (yesterday) I started just trying to take good old Tylenol.  I felt icky for about the first half of the day.  I'm blaming that on the painkillers getting out of my system and having not done anything for the past two days.  Getting out and going for a walk was SO wonderful!  :)  Made cookie dough, too.  And a giant mess to go along with that.  Also did laundry, fulfilling my need to contribute to helping run the household when I'm actually at home.  haha.  My life sounds incredibly entertaining, I'm sure.  By the end of the day, I was well enough to get to church music practice for Christmas Eve mass.  It was good to see people (and to drive).  :)

So, thank goodness for Tylenol, being able to drive myself around, good friends at church, singing, and sleep to help cure my grumpus-ness. Today, the plan is more cookie dough for a cookie-decorating "party" and hopefully a couple of my friends will stop by in the midst of that.  Also planning on getting my hair chopped off.  Well, not as drastic as "chopped" per say, but definitely cut. 

The rest of break will hopefully involve seeing more good friends, music practicing, major reflection, maybe some creative writing, and maybe some blog-writing.
And bless your heart for reading all of this, if you did.  I have no idea how this could have possibly been very exciting - I'm not even on drugs anymore!  haha.

Merry Christmas if I'm not back til then!

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  1. Oh Erin :) I hope you're doing better. I haven't had my wisdom teeth out yet.....maybe I just won't? hahaha
    I hope Christmas was great!