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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

160 - Limburg ~ Europe Day 4!

June 3, 2011 – In Germany: Limburg

Highlights of today (as it is late and I am tired) –
-          Free time for shopping/lunch in the city of Limburg an der Laun (a river)
o   Lunch was bratwurst on a roll w/ some tasty spicy mustard for lunch and Lift (a carbonated apple juice) – delicious!

Our lunch/exploring Limburg group!  Yay food!
o   2 young German boys were near us at lunch and were (probably) making fun of us; they misquoted Star Wars to us when they found out we were American “Luke I am your dad!” and Lauren scared them silly when she spoke back to them in German.  The shock on their faces was priceless!
o   Also successfully used an ATM and found batteries for my camera!
-          After lunch was a reception for Harmonie festival participants in the Rat House (like the city hall) with the mayor. 

Of course, the moment called for a quick choral exchange with the University of the East - more on them later!
-          Then came the walking tour of the city, culminating in a stop at the 13th C (I think?) cathedral – AMAZING!
o   The best part of the day was singing “Ave Maria” (T.L. Victoria) and “Beautiful Savior” in the cathedral … absolutely beautiful.

The outside of the cathedral.  Wish I had thought to record our singing!
-          Later, we sang for about 30 minutes in a mall as a part of promoting the festival … that wasn’t as fun.  It didn’t help that we had to wait longer than planned for the bus in the sunshine after that.  Everyone was tired and too hot!
-          Dinner was at the festival – bratwurst and fries; also tried some grapefruit beer.  It was tasty, but that’s probably because it was a lot more grapefruit than beer.  Hah.  Lots of goofy pictures ensued while waiting for the concert to start.

Feeling judged?
Not okay!

-          Most of the evening performances were amazing, but the tent was hot and humid, which made it hard to enjoy it all.  But still, saw some fantastic choirs and folk dance groups.  The one that sticks in my mind was the Latvian girls dance troupe.  Their high-energy routine was jaw-dropping.

So fantastic!

Girls and PLUtonic compete tomorrow!


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