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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

166 - Honfleur ~ Europe Day 10!

June 9th, 2011

                Today was spent in Honfleur!  We were up around 8AM to be in town by 10:30.  The first hour or so was rehearsal in the oldest wooden church in France – it was really gorgeous.  The inside was designed to look like the hull of a ship.  A second half had to be added when the congregation grew too large. 
The inside of the church.
After a walking tour of the town, we got lunch and had an afternoon free in Honfleur, as the concert wasn’t until 7:30pm. 

The main restaurant area of Honfleur ... it's prettier in the sunshine, but this was my best picture from this angle.

From the other side of the harbor.

The other side of Honfleur - more restaurants and touristy shops.
           I spent my time with Lauren, Steph, and Kelvin – yay choir family!  Lunch was along the main food avenue of Honfleur, at a sort of Italian place.  Had what was essentially a crepe with egg, ham, spinach, tomato, mushroom, and cheese in it.  Tasty! 

Yay family!  Good camera work, Kelvin!
"Salty pancake" yummy yummy!  :)
We walked around and shopped (poor Kelvin) for the next couple of hours.  I found a scarf for me and a pretty, handmade, one-of-a-kind bracelet for Emily.  Kelvin was rewarded with a visit to 2 different gelato shops for his endurance!  Good boy, Kelvin!  :P  

Sneaky picture - yes, Kelvin is actually happy to have his gelato!
In the meantime, Julian led a varying group of gentlemen from our choir around  and they made about 42 euro singing various men’s repertoire from our program on the streets.  We caught up with them outside the shop where I got my scarf and enjoyed the spectacle, as well as seeing Dr. Nance join in!
Pan handling at its finest.
After getting back to the hotel around 6 for a quick change, we hurried to the church to sing.  Despite a slightly awkward set up – choir in one half of the church, orchestra on the other – things worked out.  I felt like it was one of our most successful concerts in France, based on audience reception!  I ended up with Adam, Jenny (our tour guide), Kelli (the tour photographer for PLU), Dr. Nance, Jason, and Sam for dinner at a seafood place … might be missing one or two people in my head… sorry!  It was a yummy 3-course deal for 16 euro!  We were last to catch the bus, but oh well.  Plenty of people had an intent to party back at the hotel, including Kelvin’s roommate, so he ended up hanging out again with Steph and myself, as well as Lauren, Megan, and Kirsten K for a while. 

All in all, it was a great day and wonderful evening!


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