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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

169 - Au revoir ~ Europe Day 12!

June 12th, 2011 – HOME!

                We left the hotel around 10AM to get to the airport around 11 to leave France for London around 1:30PM.  We left about a quarter to a third of our choir behind – those who were deviating anywhere from a week or two to a month or more.  We hope we see them again!  Haha.  But really.
                The most exciting part of our travel day was Amanda reading to us while we waited in the French airport.  J  She is the best reader ever. 


Ever.  :)
Our second flight left London at about 3:30 and we got into Seattle around 6:30PM on the same day, after being in the air for 9 hours … that was a weird feeling.  Haha.  It was exciting to see my home-sweet-home Cascade mountains out the plane window. 

Yay mountains!!!
It was even more exciting meeting my family with Kelvin, Lauren, and Steph’s near the luggage carousels in the SeaTac airport.  It had seriously been forever!  Thank goodness for my choir family, or things might have been a lot lonelier.  J  Mom, Dad, Em, and I celebrated with a trip to Kent’s Azteca – yum yum yum!
                Happy to be home, looking forward to a little time off and then a week of camp!


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