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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

161 - The Festival ~ Europe Day 5!

June 4th, 2011 – The Festival

                We spent most of – all of – the day at the festival. 

Hanging out in some nice shade to avoid the humid heat.
The women competed and ended up with 4th place overall and a silver certificate!  PLUtonic tied for first in the vocal jazz (and other) category with a group from the University of the East in the Philippines.  
Not excited at all. ;)
They were amazing and incredibly nice!  We shared a concert with them at a church in Bad Camberg – a meeting of East and West, per say :P.  Their music was amazing and spiritually moving – the Spirit was there.  The church congregation loved both groups so much!  [On Sunday, the church actually took up a collection for us and raised around 400 euro for everyone to offset our costs a bit.  They want us to come back too!  Haha J] 

The church ceiling.  It was cool!

U of E rockin' it out!
We ate a great dinner, served by those helping put the concert on, and had a fairly successful concert.  The coolest part (besides the music) were the flashes of lightning and rumbles of thunder that permeated the concert… the storms started up mid-afternoon and kept going all night.  I guess storms like that are not uncommon for early summer in Germany… SO AWESOME!
                On a musical note – ha ha – we had pitch pipe malfunctions galore!  During the women’s set for our competition and when the men sang at our evening concert… they were dealt with gracefully and humorously, of course.  J
                On a food note, hazelnut ice cream is delicious (sorry Steph)!  :D


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