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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Downton Abbey Season 4!

Downton Abbey season 4 premiered tonight, for the U.S. !!!  It sucks being behind the UK in that regard, but I don't believe in cheating when it comes to Downton or Sherlock.  They give me something to look forward to for January when the weather is grey and dreary.  More specifically, they give me emotional schizophrenia... but it sure is exciting.

So, season 4, episode 1.  It was a relief not to be dragged through some sort of devastating heartbreak (the season 3 finale was quite enough, thank you!) though it was certainly re-lived via Lady "Zombie" Mary.  Michelle Dockery has certainly mastered the stone-cold statue look.  However, it was easy to suffer some emotional whiplash with all of the new beginnings of scandal - especially in the downstairs of all places!

I'm not going to go crazy into detail in case anyone reading (...anyone?) cares about spoilers.  But I will say that my bad inklings about the lady's maid Edna are absolutely right.  There's a new O'Brian in town -- that didn't take long at all.  (Really, Lady Cora, are you so naive?!) I'm curious about Cousin Rose.  She always seems up to something, but she seemed to have just the right amount of romantic adventure and close it out before the end of the two hours.  Nothing is ever that simple though, so we'll see.  I hope that Edith is finally getting some happy days, but her romantic stars seem forever crossed.  I have a bad feeling that Germany is not going to to over well and that a bad decision may have been made that will lead to some complicated -what else?! - happenings.  I think I'm not alone in feeling that Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson are probably my favorite characters and Mrs. Hughes is the particular heroine in this week's episode.  All she ever wants is the best for everyone around her, even when they aren't sure of what that is themselves.  Of course, cue the teary eyes when Lady Mary finally breaks through her hardened exterior in Mr. Carson's arms.  And I will always, always, always want to punch Mr. Barrow in the face.  I swear that man has just one good bone in his body and it's his pinky toe.

Whew, ok!  I think this is going to be the theme of Sunday posts until the season is out - it's a good decompression method.  :)  Woohoo Downton!!  And Sherlock on the 19th!!

Here's to the best month for PBS ratings!

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