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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Downton Downers

**Spoilers Warning** In case (if) anyone (is) reading this hasn't seen episode 2 and cares!

Ah, Downton.  This week you are back to breaking our hearts.  Well, actually, who am I kidding.  You just can't stop.  I recommend some therapy - of course, then what would the fans have to talk about?!

While the generally lighter atmosphere of the (3-day?) house party was welcome, I suffered sympathy heart palpitations when Mrs. Pattermore had her heart attack.  And then Anna being attacked and raped?!  Multiplied by the fact that she is afraid to tell Mr. Bates for his own good, it's absolutely heart wrenching.  (Also, having the scene occur while Dame Kiri te Kawana was singing was a bit strange for me personally...)  He knows something is wrong and he's going to find out.  The question that remains is what will he do about it?  Also -- will this result in a pregnancy?  The show's history has taught me to expect just about anything.

I still don't like Edna, though she was slightly less vile until the very end.  No good will come of whatever happens there, I think.  Is Tom really going to try and leave?  Never the less, when she's not scheming to get into bed with him, she does seem to be a welcome relief to him - someone who understands.

It was happy to see Mary actually smile and laugh!  And then immediately saddening when the moment is juxtaposed with Isabelle's pain and loneliness.  Maybe the Dr. hasn't quite given up hope there, yet though.  Perhaps she isn't so alone as she feels?

BARROW you are SUCH a pompous ass.  That is all.

As a singer, the singer bits of this episode were absolutely hilarious.  All of that crisis over someone who sings for a living!  Was it really so scandalous for her to be upstairs, Carson?  :)  And I am a fan of Dame Kiri.  Of course, she's retired and there were some audible moments as to why, especially if you compare to her career years.  But it was still exciting to have opera on such a hit show.  Of course, that meant "O mio babbino caro" would be heard (since that's the aria everybody knows)!  Still, it was exciting.

Then there's Edith and the editor.  (I still don't know what he's called by heart and don't feel like looking it up... oops.)  Finally getting a decent opinion out of Lord Grantham!  I still am uncertain of what I think will happen.  The Germany thing will somehow blow up in their faces; maybe not drastically, but it can't be a smart move.  However, I've got hopes for this relationship to work out, even if it's against the odds in Edith's case.  If it doesn't, I still say she should go to America and meet a man while staying with her mother's mother!

Well, that about sums it up.  Looking forward to next week for both Downton AND SHERLOCK!!!  So much Masterpiece Theater and I love it!  Haha.


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