"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagnination, and life to everything." ~ Plato

Friday, January 3, 2014

What I'm Reading

Catching Fire 
     - By Suzanne Collins; from the gigantically successful YA series The Hunger Games.  If you haven't heard of it -- have you been living under a rock, or someplace where books are censored?  Those are your only excuses.  Personally, this is a re-read for me.  Just saw the film today... re-reading to catch all those details!

XO Orpheus, Fifty New Myths
     - A short story collection edited by Kate Bernheimer; modern takes on myths from many different cultures.  For some reason, I really enjoy short stories (probably ever since taking that short stories English class with Dr. Seal at PLU.)  Collections of them are like an appetizing plate of bite-size morsels at a holiday party where you really only know a couple people.  The plate becomes your new best friend and that's okay because its offerings are delicious and leave you wanting more.  But the short stories are better because they stay off the waist-line -- guilt free!!

The newspaper comics in the Seattle Times
     - This is a daily thing whenever I am home; I just like them.  And my mom and I do the crossword puzzle together.

Coming Soon: Things I've Read Over Break

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