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Thursday, January 9, 2014

This is Home

Playing with the dog.
Cold marble countertops.
Crossword puzzle collaborations.
Neighborhood walks.
Singing with the church band on Sundays.
Doggie cuddles and kisses.
Downton Abbey season premieres.
Going to the library.
Going to the movies.
Helping with chores.
Hugging with back cracking.
Dog hair on everything.
Going to the park.
Visiting friends and "old" haunts (PLU).
Christmas Eve and Christmas morning traditions.
Snuggles on the couch.
Movie weekends.
Watching NOVA.
Reading the comics.
Doing the car shuffle.
Getting the mail.
Tripping over dog toys.
Eating dinner together.
Playing games.

It's hard to leave this place.  Especially when mom starts getting teary.  Little things are different each time I come back from being gone a while, but the important little things are constant -- the things that make home truly feel like home.  The warmth and love of my family will always be here, so I'm always happy to come back.  And I can go on knowing it will be here when I get back.  :)

And now for some not-so-great phone pics that help sum up home/Christmas break 2013/14.
The "Bazinga Family" ornament is a staple on our tree.

O Tannenbaum, o Tannenbaum, it's Christmas time, om nom nom.

It snowed!

Just enough.  :)

Apple dumplings for dad's birthday.  Not the best lighting -- they're pretty and delicious!

Christmas day with the family at cousin Leanne's house in OR.  My sister with one of the cats.

Peanut-butter cookies = the only cookies for our holiday season this year.

New Years Eve appetizer for celebrating at Haley's - Greek Swirls.

Creeping on Steph's and my room at PLU from sophomore year after dropping Emily off.

Getting nostalgic in Lagerquist.

The Mountain.  Aka Mt. Rainier as viewed from my high school.

St. John's set up for Christmas.  My Sunday night home.

So, as I head back to The Bay tomorrow, a taste of home for the road.


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